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Renai Horse Registry has the best breed of horses for all your working needs. We ensure that the horse is trained and well manner before handing them over to you.

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world's most popular breeds of horses

We have some of the world’s most popular breed of horse at our display.

Show Horses

We keep our horse in top shape and health, which is why most of our horses are selected as a part of the horse showing to impress the audience with their beauty.

American Saddlebred

American saddlebred horses are one of the tough breeds of horses as they are very majestic looking and extremely sought after for their beautiful mane.

Work Horses

If you require horses for work you are in the right place, we have well-trained horse who can help ease your work.


The breed of hackney horse has a royal look to them as they were used to carry royal from place to place.

Sport Horses

A sports horse requires a lot of training to ensure that you can produce the best game of your life.

Dutch Harness Horse

Dutch harness horse although not a pure breed but is generally very sought after as they match almost all the quality check of our customers.

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Let’s have a look at what some of our customers have to say.

Adolph P. Heaton

Renai Horse registry has some of the best-kept horses, as their horses are always well-groomed and ready to ride.

Maria G. Crisp

I have an American saddlebred horse and was not able to understand how to train him, but Renai horse registry came to my rescue and gave me few tips to ensure that I would be able to take better care of my horse.

LAtest Updates

Best Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial Water Pressure

A commercial pressure washer is mainly used as a very powerful hose which is used to remove all kinds of gunk, dirt and stubborn filth that just won’t go away by normal washing techniques. They use an extremely high and powerful pressure water system which rips out mold, dust and even dirt that just won’t go even if you keep rubbing it again and again. These machines are so powerful that they have been known to remove loose paint and completely clean out the stables which is used for livestock and even the materials which are used in construction sites. squiffyclean.com is THE website for you if you ever need more information about pressure washers.Even big commercial spaces always employ this brilliant machine to take care of their  work. Here is a list of some of the best and cheapest commercial pressure washers which you can buy right now and you would not regret it because they are just that amazing.

  1. The Simpson 3800
  2. The Generac 3800
  3. The Generac 4200
  4. The Yamaha 3000
  5. The Mi-T-M CW
  6. The NorthStar 3000 PSI
  7. The Kranzle USA
  8. The Pressure Pro E4040HC
  9. The NorthStar 3000 PSI
  10. The Campbell Hausfeld

To know more about these products see more here.

All of these machines are some of the best in the market and are more than well equipped to handle all of the work that you have to throw at it. You will find two types of these machines. One that is powered by gas and one that is powered up electricity. The gas powered option is more portable as it does not need to be pinned down to an electronic socket, but the electronic option seems more practical because it does not have to depend on gasoline to run. It will easily and properly run on electricity and even get the job done successfully. The electric option seems to be more light and efficient and best of all it does not produce emissions which end up harming the environment. They are also much quieter than the gasoline option because they do not have any loud generator parts which run on fuel.


The 3 best selling ones so far are the Kranzle USA, the Campebell Hausfeld and the DeWalt 3200.

Commercial pressure washers actually cost around $300-$500 since they are heavy duty pieces of equipment which do a lot of the hard work that machines have to do in order to be proven useful to man. Some of  them who are made with the best quality materials can actually end up costing you more than $1000-$2000. You can get detailed pricing listings on https://www.squiffyclean.com/best-3000-psi-pressure-washers/ .If you are looking to invest in any of them for private or even professional use you should be sure that you know how to use them properly and carefully.

10 Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World

For decades now, horses have been one of the most popularly domesticated animals, globally. In the past, horses were used as a means of transport, before the automobiles and airplanes were invented. Today, however, these precious animals are used for racing and hobby-riding. They are regarded as majestic and powerful animals that are characterized by breed, type, and purpose. Horse breeds, however, vary from size and color to temperament and use, often making it challenging to differentiate them. But if you’re looking to acquire one, here are the top ten breeds.

The Arabian Horse: The Arabian horse from the Middle East is one of the oldest, purest and most recognizable breed the world has ever had. Due to their intelligence and stamina, they are widely used to improve the quality of other races.


Tennessee Walker: This particular breed is known to have a distinctive gait, smooth skin and willing attitude. It is believed to have originated in the Southern US, and is mostly preferred for trail riding and showcasing purposes. With a long neck, calm disposition and straight head, this breed is one of its kind. It, however, has two categories, namely; the flat shod, and the performance class distinguished by its leg actions.

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Thoroughbred Horse: Thoroughbreds are the fastest horses in the world. They were developed in England, and are majorly used for racing purposes. With their slim body build, short backs, broad chests and fine-boned legs with small hooves, the horses take quite long strides, and with ease. They are therefore known for their agility and speed.


Quarter Horse: The Quarter horse is top-rated in the US. It has a quiet and easy going temperament. It is believed to have gotten its name from the fact that it is faster than any other breed over a quarter-mile distance. Known for their versatility, these horses are among the oldest in America. Besides, they are short, with a stocky build and broad chest that enables them to excel in every discipline.


The Appaloosa: This breed is believed to have been developed by the Nez Perce Indians of northern Idaho. But after they were forced onto reservations, they fell into decline. A concerned group then noticed the drop and combated it making them one of the most popular breeds in the US. With a colorful coat pattern, mottled skin and striped hooves, its versatility makes it perfect for various equestrian activities.


Paint Horse: The American Paint Horse is a unique breed characterized by a combination of colors, great athletic abilities, willing attitude and intelligence. They excel in many disciplines and are therefore quite versatile.


Warmblood Horse: Technically this not a breed but a group that encompasses some types and races, including the Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Hanoverian, and Trakehner. They are however known for their prowess in sporting activities.


Morgan Horse Breed: Compact, brave and agreeable, the Morgan horse originates from the United States. It is one of the oldest breeds best known for their versatility. They are therefore widely used today as riding and driving horses.


The Mustang: Mustangs are intelligent, resilient, durable, obedient, athletic and are capable of doing numerous activities. They also quickly adapt to harsh conditions. Quite loving and with a lot of patience, they will not let you down.


Miniature Horse: With an average lifespan of 35 years, the miniature horses are quite powerful than their taller counterparts. They are also multi-colored and very friendly.


Horses have been bred over the years for varied purposes. Again, everyone has their favorite breed. But with this guide, you should be able to identify a most preferred one.


most successful horse
breeds of the world.